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Chinese - Hunan dialect
In the article My Berlin Airlift, there came the following sentences:

“Invalid Format” is among the most artful new attempts to reinvent the Web by the codex, and the codex by the Web. Its texts “scroll”: horizontally, vertically; title pages evoke “screens,” reframing content that follows not uniformly and continuously but rather as a welter of column shifts and fonts.

Does the author mean content on "screens" does not follow the same and fixed column shifts and fonts? What are screens?
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    "Screens" in the passage seems to refer to various screens that pop up on your computer when you are looking at a menu or some other function as you use a computer program.

    The author does seem to be complaining that the text is often garbled in e-book versions of various books.
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