screw one's way through something


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Hello, I came across this phrase "screw one's way through something" while I was reading "The Love Hypothesis".
I'm not sure what it means exactly.
Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you.

“Because I’m made of sterner stuff, but never mind that. The point is: I am here for you, and always will be, no matter what. No matter how many pounds of spoiled shrimp cocktail you projectile vomit, you can trust me. We’re a team, you and I. And Malcolm, when he’s not busy screwing his way through the Stanford population. So if Carlsen is secretly an extraterrestrial life-form planning a takeover of Earth that will ultimately result in humanity being enslaved by evil overlords who look like cicadas, and the only way to stop him is dating him, you can tell me and I’ll inform NASA—”
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    "Through" means he goes from one to the next to the next. Like passing through a crowd.