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    I just say "open" or "close" for bottle caps and lids.

    I might say "Can you put the lid on that for me?" Or when I can't open a bottle if it is closed very tightly I'll ask "can you open that for me, it's really tight".

    I hope that helps.


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    Can you do up this bottle top (or lid, but not on a bottle)?
    Can you do this bottle top up?
    Can you undo this bottle top?

    Can you screw up/screw on this bottle top (or lid)?
    Can you screw this bottle top up/on?
    Can you unscrew this bottle top?

    "Do up" is more likely. (British English)

    You could also say fasten/unfasten [fa:sn].

    You also put a lid on, or get (or take) a lid off.
    You can't put a lid off :cross:or take a lid on :cross:.
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    For my part, I have never heard anyone use "do up" in connection with putting a lid on a jar, or a top on a bottle, and if I did hear someone say this, it would sound odd to me.

    I would refer to opening/closing the container, or possibly unscrew/screw on the top or lid.


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    So "put the lid on a jar means to screw it up?
    And I didn't know that you can also say "fasten", I thought it's for things like belts and bottons only.
    ps. thanks very much for the answers :)
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