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Hello, I found this word twice used as an adjective and, oddly enough, combined in the same sentence with the verb or noun shudder. I'll give you both examples:

There was the girl, sitting screwed up in a chair, her face contorted, her eyes red, her whole body shuddering violently (Doris Lessing).

We're both quite awed at the prospect of drinking straight whiskey; the taste of it brings screwedup expressions and sour shudders (Truman Capote).

Could you comment on it, please? I Think I understand screwed up expressions better than screwed up in a chair.

Thank you, Mr Bones
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    Taking the easy one first.
    Find yourself a lemon, cut a large slice, put it in your mouth and chew while looking in a mirror.
    Screwed up expression:p

    Next, swallow that slice of lemon, cut another, chew and swallow.
    Repeat this process until you have eaten 25 lemons and feel really, really ill. Now, where can I expect to find you? (Leaving out the most likely, but most unpleasant option for the moment)
    Screwed up in a chair:eek:
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