screwy reinforcement contingency

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'What about what people felt, I asked? How could that be ignored? And what about this textbook I was reading for an abnormal psychology course, which (in true baheviorist fashion) smugly declared psychiatric disorders to be consequences of screwy reinforcement contingencies? In other words, it blamed serious mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schisophrenia on abberant rewards and punishment, asserting that people who hear voices or ride an uncontrolled emotional roller coaster or feel such black despair that they contemplate suicide are doing so because they have been rewarded for it or were punished for being 'normal'?' ('The emotional life of your brain' Richard J. Davidson

I guess this is a psychological expression and although I understand the words seperately I can't make sense of the whole expression. Maybe someone can help?
  • Thomas Tompion

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    Screwy - mad

    Reinforcement contingencies - behaviour conditioned by previous experience of rewards or punishment.

    That's my take on the expression, Rzezucha. Screwy is a normal slang word; the other expression is psych-speak.
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