Scrittura Privata

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ari_ny, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. ari_ny New Member

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    How would you translate in Legal English 'scrittura privata"???
    Thanks in advance for helping me!
  2. moodywop Banned

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    The Oxford-Paravia translates it as "private deed" but you'd better wait for native speakers to confirm that this is indeed the correct translation
  3. DesertCat Senior Member

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    Is this in relation to real estate? In the US what they are called varies by state, but some examples are warranty deed or quit claim deed. Perhaps if you can describe what the purpose of the deed is we can give you more definitive answer.
  4. Raphillon Senior Member

    Private agreement or private contract.

    It is a written agreement not confirmed by a notary.
  5. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    You can translate that as "private deed".
  6. ElaineG

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    In AE legal terminology, that is a simply an agreement or a contract. If you want to retain the reference to its unnotarized status, say "unnotarized contract."

    A deed is a particular legal instrument transferring title to land/real estate, only use deed if this is the legal effect of the instrument.

    I very much apologize for not explaining this in Italian. It's 5:00 AM and I just found out I have a 7 mile walk to work ahead of me, so I'd appreciate anyone who could put that into Italian for ari ny.
  7. ari_ny New Member

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    Thank you all!;)
  8. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

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    My pleasure:
    Un deed è un particolare atto legale con il quale si trasferisce la titolarità di un diritto reale: usa deed solo se l'effetto legale di tale atto è quello!

  9. Tinpiena Member

    If I have to translate "scrittura privata autenticata" which is a private agreement with the force of a public one... what should I write?
  10. furs

    furs Senior Member

    Nell'ordinamento di common law (sia UK che US) non c'e' differenza tra scrittura privata o atto pubblico. Il de Franchis dice semplicemente che "scrittura privata autenticata" e' intraducibile!
    Userei semplicemente "deed".
  11. sunbathing Member

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    Salve a tutti.
    Devo tradurre la seguente frase:

    "Con la presente scrittura privata, da valersi ad ogni effetto di legge, tra le sottoscritte parti".

    Il mio tentativo è:
    "Private agreement to be legally binding between the undersigned parties."

    Cosa ne pensate?
  12. AlabamaBoy

    AlabamaBoy Senior Member

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    American English
    Buonissimo, ma si può dire sempliciamente

    (Legally binding) private contract/agreement

    "Legally binding" è superfluo, al mio parere.
  13. Margherita2001 Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    How would you translate: "Con la presente scrittura privata da valere ad ogni effetto di legge TRA...... E..... PREMESSO....SI CONVIENE"

    My attempt:
    "Herewith this legally binding private agreement...BETWEEN....AND... WHEREAS...IT IS AGREED.."
    Thank you very much.
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  14. AlabamaBoy

    AlabamaBoy Senior Member

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    For some background this is interesting reading.

    Basically it says than any agreement or contract between two parties is legally binding, so in my thinking, adding those words may be redundant, but your client may wish to specify those words to reinforce in the other party's mind that this is a serious agreement. (There are usually lots of redundant words in legal contracts, to make sure that there are no open holes to be exploited in the case of litigation.)

    I think your wording is fine as far as English language goes, but you might need a legal opinion.
  15. Margherita2001 Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply!

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