Scrooge (stingy): Used in everyday language?

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Xavier da Silva

Senior Member
Hello everyone,

Does "Scrooge" meaning "stingy" sound natural/correct in everyday conversational current English in the examples that I created below?

a. He's a Scrooge. His children complain a lot about it. He hates to spend any money.
b. Mary is a Scrooge. She hates spending any money.

Thank you in advance!
  • Loob

    Senior Member
    English UK
    I don't think I'd say He's a Scrooge, but I might say He's a real Scrooge.

    t can't remember the last time I had occasion to talk about someone's stinginess, though....

    Hermione Golightly

    Senior Member
    British English
    I don't use it about other people. Sometimes I jokingly address my husband as 'Scrooge' if he's fussing about a penny or two's difference in price.
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