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    I am translating some pre dive actions of the check list.

    I have problems with the following words: scrubber, scrubber cartridge, scrubber lid, scrubber O ring and scrubber fitting. I would like to know their correct meaning. I am not sure if scrubber is depurador, filtro/esponja o carcasa del cartucho del absorbente. What does it mean?

    The context is as follows:

    Fill scrubber cartridge with fresh Sofnolime and place in scrubber. My try is Llene el cartucho con Sofnolime fresco e insértelo en el contenedor del filtro.

    Ensure scrubber O ring is clean. My try is Aségúrese de que el anillo con forma de O del depurador está limpio.

    Place the spacer ring on top of scrubber cartridge, push down on ring andd release ensuring free movement. My try is Coloque el anillo espaciador encima de la juntaa tórica del contenedor del cartucho, presione el anillo y suelte garantizando que el cartucho se mueve libremente.

    Fit lid to scrubber and assemble into rebreather. My try is Coloque la tapa de la carcasa del cartucho del absorbente y móntela en el rebreather.

    Connect solenoid hose to scrubber fitting. My try is Conecte el tubo de solenoide a la carcasa.

    Many thanks for your help.
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    In many applications "scrubber" is "lavador", but with lime, "depurador" seems appropriate. It would help to know what is being scrubbed -- liquid, gas, etc.
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    You are correct. Scrubber with lime is depurador. I will see what is being scrubbed to help.

    I also found out that "O ring" is anillo espaciador.

    Thank you very much for all your help.
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    Clear now!!

    I was wrong.

    Many thanks for your helpful explanation!

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