scuffed footwear prints

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It seemed that Emma cared as much about tidiness in her car as in her room. Sandy thought it couldn’t have been easy to keep it this spotless, if she had to carry those kids around. He found the torch on his phone and shone it onto the back seat. Shining it onto the floor, Sandy saw scuffed footwear prints.
Source: Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves
Context: Emma was found hanged in a cowshed and a suspicious murder investigation is underway. Sandy is a detective constbale.

How footwear prints can be scuffed?

This is scuffed shoes:


Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    Cleeves probably used the word to describe footprints that were blurry or unclear because some later person walked over the footprints and damaged them with the abrasion caused by that action. I have heard other people use "scuffed" to talk about footprints. It isn't restricted entirely to shoes, but can also be used in talk about the abrasion of other things.
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