scuffing and scoring (gears)

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In a datasheet for lubricating oil, it mentions a Scuffing and scoring test. From what I can gather online, these are forms of wear in gears, and I think they are often used interchangeably (The sheet mentions specifically the standard DIN ISO 14635-1, where I only see Scuffing used). I see it's sometimes translated as "gripado". That said, I did find this one source that says they are different: New Scuffing Test Methods for the Determination of the Scuffing Resistance of Coated Gears | IntechOpen

"The difference between scuffing and scoring is that scuffing originates from the adhesive bond creation between the mating surfaces, which are then sheared, and scoring results from mechanical abrasion of the surface by the very hard wear particles under conditions of a very high load. Like scuffing, scoring is one of the most dangerous modes of gear wear."

¿Would anyone know if there is a difference, or if I should just put gripado?
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