sculpting a dress?


Worth had explored virtually every shape open to the designer and proved what all dressmakers learn (1)in time: there are only (2)half a dozen basic ways of (3)sculpting a dress, using the (4)focii of hemline, waist, bust, neckline, and sleeves.

(1) What does "in time" mean here?
(2) Does the expression "half a dozen" mean not exactly six but "around" six?
(3) What's the nuiance of "sculpting" here? Does the author try to express the dress, say, three-dimensional instead of flat like sculpture? Or does he liken making a dress to sculpture?
(4) Do you think "focii" is a misspelling for "foci?"
  • Kelly B

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    (1) In time: eventually, after some (usually a lot of) time has passed.
    (2) yes
    (3) I think he is likening the process to creating a sculpture, yes.
    (4) yes.