Scusi se mi permetto

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    Uhm... not exactly, it's more something like "I hope you don't mind if I take the liberty of...", generally it'is used when you're asking something maybe too personal


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    That seems to make sense. The sentence comes from Stefano Benni's story "Fratello bancomat." The bancomat is telling the man that his wife has left him and has gone to another city, with Doctor Vanini. The bancomat says:

    "Vanini ha spostato meta' del suo conto sul conto di sua moglie. Scusi se mi permetto." (L'ultima lacrima, p 19).

    So, what would be the best translation for it?

    I hope you don't mind me telling you/saying it/taking the liberty of telling you?


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    Would anyone be able to confirm the translation/suggest something else, now that I have given the context?
    I'm not able to give you an absolutely certain confirmation but to me it seems almost correct.
    Even if I think it sounds more like: "You must forgive me if I taking the liberty ...".
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