1. what does se anexo mean. I am using it in a (concepto de revision) and the line reads (se anexo a, b, al #,s 6 & 8.) I wanted to use (agregue) but I was told it wasn't the way it was done. What I want to translate from english to spanish is (added a,b, to #s 6 & 8). Please tell me what is more acceptable to use in this situation.
  2. Maeron Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Canada, English
    "Se anexan" would mean "are attached", as in "se anexan X, Y y Z" = "X, Y and Z are attached"

    But I'm completely confused. Are you translating Spanish to English or English to Spanish? Which is your source text?
  3. I am translating english to spanish. Thank you very much for the help.
  4. Graziella Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina - Spanish
    "Anexos" o "Adjuntos" es equivalente a "attachments" in English. :)

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