se balader



What would be a good expression for translating 'se balader' into English in the following context:

Quand l'agent de santé est seul dans son service, il doit se balader entre la maternité et la salle de consultation si bien qu'on est obligé de privilégier les malades au détriment de ceux qui viennet pour la prévention.

My translation:
When the health worker is alone at the health center, he has to wander between the maternity and the consulting room so that we are compelled to give priority to the sick to the detriment of those who come for preventive care.

Is 'wander' appropriate here?
  • gquixote

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    To "wander" implies a very relaxed and even aimless moving. I would rather use the word "walk", or even "hurry" if he has to move quickly.


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    English - Ireland
    ... to go back and forth between...

    I feel that "to wander" is not apt in this situation.

    franc 91

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    The idea of wandering around from one department to another (balader) in French is of having to waste time and energy for no obvious reason.
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