se cayó el sistema

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  1. Mace Member

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    I´d like to know if I can use "system breakdown" and "system failure" indistinctly to refer to the following expression in Spanish: 'se cayó el sistema', or if there's another expression that works better. This expression in Spanish would be used in the following situation: you are trying to buy a ticket on the phone, and the woman on the other side says, 'I'm sorry, you cannot do your purchase now, 'se cayó el sistema'

    Thank you!
  2. timon01 Senior Member

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    Yes, you can say what you said. For example you are in the supermarket and you go to pay with your credit card just as the cashier says, 'Sorry, the system is down'. I think this is most commonly what you hear. SYSTEM BREAKDOWN sounds a little awkward. You wouldn't really hear that. However, system failure is quite common.
  3. Mace Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    Spanish Argentina
    Thank you :)
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    "The system is down" is the most common, I'd say, but some people just say "The system/computer isn't working".

    In the IT department you will hear talk of systems and applications that 'fall over' but this is tech-speak.


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