se croire sorti de la cuisse de jupiter


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I'm looking for the english translation of 'se croire sortir de la cuisse de jupiter' as an idiom rather than the direct translation as it doesn't make any sense.

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    How about giving us a full sentence and context for your question? That way we can help you better.
    I don't think yhat it is any more idiomatic in French than it is is in English. It is a reference to the Greek myth according to which Dionysus or Bacchus the god of wine was born From the thigh of Jupiter. His mother Semele had insisted that Jupiter should show himself in his full glory. She was burned to death but the foetus was sewn into Jupiter's thigh until it was time for him to be born.
    The god Dyonisos was said to be born out of Jove's leg. Se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter means to believe that you are someone much more important than the others, like the son of the greatest of gods. It's a set expression in French, and very derogatory toward the one who belives this about himself.
    I just have a sheet of french idioms that I have to translate from french into english for one of my classes so i literally just have the phrase 'se croire sortir de la cuisse de jupiter' and thats it I'm afraid :/ haven't been able to find a sensible translation anywhere though unfortunately
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    A possible French definition here:
    Se prendre pour quelqu'un de remarquable, d'exceptionnel.
    Être imbu de soi-même.
    If the answers are not sufficient, you may have to come up with your own translation.

    note : If you search further on line, you have to type "se croire sorti (past part.) de la cuisse de Jupiter". (literally, to think one has come out of Jupiter’s thigh)