1. junction Member

    English USA
    From the same poem by Henrnandez Novas:

    yo estoy con los dormidos without candies
    ruedan mis ojos por la nieve
    es una blanca estepa ¿se da cuenta?

    How would anyone translate "se da cuenta"? "Is there a report" doesn't make much sense.

  2. delhi Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Spanish, Argentina
    Or maybe...
    Does it realize that?
  3. Grekh

    Grekh Senior Member

    León, México
    Spanish, Mexico
    do you realize about it?
  4. junction Member

    English USA
    Thanks, both of you--that helps.

  5. eric.meat New Member

    In this instance "¿Se da cuenta? is equivalent to saying "Have you taken notice?" OR "Can you tell?"

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