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    Greetings. I need help with this fragment. The sentence discusses a physics formula which uses the law of universal gravitation to arrive at Kepler's third law. Part of the sentence reads, " da por conocida la ley de gravitación universal...". I am inclined to translate this as "the law of universal gravitation is taken as common knowledge" which sounds good in English but does not accurately communicate the idea. The original sentence says that the law of universal gravitation is "known" or "known of", but this doesn´t sound very good at all.

    Can someone please suggest a better-sounding alternative? Thank you.
  2. valjean Member

    How would it sound "is taken for granted"? Do you think it can work out?
  3. Cenzontle

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    I think I would prefer "taken as common knowledge".
    "Taken for granted" might suggest that it is so well-known that it is overlooked, that its importance is forgotten.
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    Thanks, guys.
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    Another option, "it taken as (a) given."

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