1. bella* Senior Member


    Quiero traducir "Tenía la boca llena de grandes palabras, pero se diría que despreciaba a esa gente humilde que tanto se jactaba de defender: "La dictadura del proletariado se ejerce sobre el proletariado mismo"

    He was full of big words, but it was said that he looked down his nose on the humble people that he braged ao much about defending: The procletariat was itself directly affected by the proletariat dictatorship.

    or he would even say himself that he paid no attention to these humble people

    The context is a newspaper article about 'el Che'

    Which is correct?? Or does anyone have any better ideas??? Thank you in advance
  2. Quique Alfaro

    Quique Alfaro Senior Member

    Santa Fe, Argentina

    ...it could have been said that he held in contempt those humble people...

    diría (conditional simple) is not properly used in the original. se habría dicho, podría haberse dicho fit better.
  3. pmaka06 Senior Member

    Hi bella,

    I'm a native English speaker so trying to translate 'se diría' in this context is difficult for me as well. Regarding 'despreciar', I don't think from the context that it would be 'paid no attention'. I think you are closer with 'looked down his nose' ('at' not 'on) but I think simplifying this might be the better option to, 'he looked down on the people that he bragged so much about defending.'

    Sorry I can't help you more. I'm sure you'll be seeing more responses.
  4. manxo Senior Member

    Galego y Castellano de España
    Se diría significa: da la sensación, parece. Quizás podría ser: one could say? En cuanto a despecia, en este caso es tu primera opción.
  5. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    For the last part, how about "the dictatorship of the proletariat was imposed upon the proletariat itself."
  6. Gabriel

    Gabriel Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina / Español
    In my opinion, "se diría" can be neatly translated as "one would say".
    On the other hand "one could say" would be the translation of "se podría decir". They are similar, but "se diría" / "one would say" are stronger.

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