se Dwayne Johnson sur quelqu'un


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In a youtube video where a streamer listens to the darkest confessions of his audience one of them said
'j'ai appris que ma cousine se dwayne johson sur son père.'.

I presume it means they found out something shocking because of the reaction of the streamer but I cannot find the meaning of 'se Dwayne Johnson' It might be a synonym for 'se Lebron James' but I am not sure.

I am sorry if this term is offensive (the context makes it seem like it is supposed to be) and I might be mishearing the speech.
My best try is 'I learnt my cousin was jerking off over her father'

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    Dwayne Johnson admits publically that he occasionally pees in a bottle (usually when no other facilities are available). Perhaps that is the reference.


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    Looks like it means "masturbate", according to this I take it as a list of synonyms, among which you have "s'astiquer le manche", which definitely refers to this activity

    Side note about your translation try: I'm not sure "jerk off" is used for women, but I'm not a native speaker... Plus the tense is (supposedly) present in the French sentence, not past.
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    Sur le site LADBible, il y a un article intitulé "Joe Rogan Says The Rock Could Make $2 Million Masturbating Twice A Day", et une autre vidéo "An Idiom Abroad With Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson -- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson basically thinks that all British idioms are related to masturbating"

    Bon, c'est peut-être ça qui a inspiré ce néologisme, si l'on peut appeler ça ainsi...


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    It might be a synonym for 'se Lebron James' but I am not sure.
    For the explanation of the expression 'se Lebron James', it comes from the phonetic closeness between Lebron and lébran (the verlan of branler 'jerk off').

    se branler → se lébran → se Lebron James.

    Looks like it means "masturbate", according to this
    The synonym list is obviously a joke and besides its author, nobody would understand most of these expressions.

    I say 'most' because for some of them, you could guess the meaning giving the context. 'Se gomu gomu no mi' is a reference to Luffy from One Piece who has an elastic body that can be stretched as he wants, so you could guess it means 'to masturbate' in the appropriate context (or I should say inappropriate context).

    But most of them makes no sense and are clearly jokes based on the Lebron James expression without consideration that it's a phonetic joke. 'Se doigby' would not be understood. Doigby is a French video game streamer on Twitch. 'Se red dead redemption' makes no sense either, Red Dead Redemption is a Rockstar video game taking place in the Far West.

    My best try is 'I learnt my cousin was jerking off over her father'
    You're right.

    'Se Dwayne Johnson' is an expression created using the same method than 'se Lebron James'. It comes from the phonetic closeness of Dwayne and the verb doigter (to finger).

    se doigter → se Dwayne Johnson.

    see this tweet or this one.
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