se faire connaître

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  1. Stiuhf Member


    How yould you translate this?

    "Se faire connaître" (des medias, etc)

    To make onself known?

    Thanks in advance
  2. idiomina Senior Member

    Yes, To make onself known or To become really known through the media (or media coverage).
  3. Stiuhf Member

    Thank you!
  4. atlantischiqui New Member

    French - Spanish

    J'aimerai savoir comment écrire cette phrase:

    - Les publicateurs vont s'annoncer dans le but de se faire connaitre et d'augmenter ses revenus -

    That is how I'll put it:

    - The publishers will announce themselves to be known and to increase their revenus. -

    Merci beaucoup!
  5. butch from waco

    butch from waco Senior Member

    USA Illinois
    France // French
    Seems fine to me...
  6. FBC

    FBC Senior Member

    Bora Bora
    Bonjour Atlantischiqui,

    Je n'ai pas vraiment de suggestion pour ta traduction mais j'ai le sentiment qu'un natif pourrait nous proposer quelque chose de différent...
    Any native online?
  7. huhmzah

    huhmzah Senior Member

    Ithaca, NY
    Urdu - English
    Hmm, the English seems fine, but to a native speaker perhaps something like this will be clearer and more natural sounding:

    - "The publishers will promote themselves in order to put their name out there and to increase their revenues.
    - "The publishers will promote themselves to be better known publicly and to increase their revenues."
    A more informal translation could also be:
    - "The publishers will promote/advertise to put themselves on the map and to increase their revenues."

    ("to put yourself on the map" is an idiomatic expression meaning making people to come to know you, to push to be recognized etc.)
  8. DrD

    DrD Senior Member

    Cantal, France
    England English
    'The publishers intend to promote themselves in order to become better known and to increase their income'
  9. armella Member

    Hi! I am looking for the translation of the following sentence:
    les partenaires de la Federation se sont fait connaitre grace au succes de cette manifestation
    Thanks a lot
  10. Weeble Senior Member

    English (UK)
    "The partners...were introduced to each other thanks to..."
    "The to know each other thanks to...."

    I hope that helps, but please try to post your own attempt before asking for help!
  11. armella Member

    my attempt was : the Federation's partners made themselves better known thanks to the success of this show.
    Actually they did not get to know each other but they became better known by the public (all the peolpe) who went to visit the show that they (the federation's partners) organised
    Thanks for your help
  12. kieran75 Senior Member

    France, Spain

    But the verb is 'se faire connaître' not 'se connaître', so it's not reflexive. They didn't meet each other, rather they became well known (or better known) to the general public.
  13. Trixie1 Senior Member

    GB English Français
    Hi Armella
    How about the Federation's partners became better known ?

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