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Hmmmmm, ok, I'm a little bit worried about asking this question, in case I'm wrong, and it will look like I have a dirty mind.
I was reading the top 100 reasons to stay single (for comedy, not advice!). Number 25 says -

"Tu peux te faire du bien quand bon te semble
Essaie de faire ça chez toi tout de même, et finis le top avant de t'y mettre, tiens voilà de quoi te préchauffer." (la photo est évidemment censé être rigolo, mais je ne connais pas la femme)

Would I be right in saying that "se faire du bien" is a euphemism for masterbate? And if I am right here, is it a common way to (politely) refer to masturbation? Sorry to ask, but if this is the case (for such an innocent sounding phrase) then I would prefer to know, in order to avoid embarrassing situations in the future :rolleyes:
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    Thank you both.

    You're right, but "se faire du bien" may have a more innocent meaning in other contexts.
    Yes, I am aware of the innocent one. But it's always handy to know the bad one, just so I know to avoid it in any possibly ambiguous cases :)
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