Se hacen muchas fotocopias

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  1. Coolguy003 New Member

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    hi! i would like to know how to say "Se hacen demasiadas fotocopias". I mean that people make too many photocopies in my school, but in an impersonal form, as i'm not referring to the people who make the photocopy, but i want to express the idea that in general too much paper is wasted.
    thanks! :)
  2. srb62 Senior Member

    British English
    I think the phrase you used - 'people make too many photocopies in my school' actually works pretty well. Using 'people' in this way sounds fairly impersonal. You could also try "We make too many photocopies in this school".
    Another option, which you probably know, is to use the passive - "Too many photocopies are made in this school" - this is fine, if slightly more formal than the other options.
    Hope that helps.
  3. flyingcabbage Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Estoy de acuerdo con srb62.

    También puedes cambiar el verbo a un nombre para evitar completamente poner un sujeto.

    "There is too much photocopying done in this school"
    "The photocopiers are used too often in this school"
  4. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

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    Eng (Canada)
    Hola Coolguy003,

    ¿No se dice sacar cuando hablando de fotocopias?
  5. Gabriel

    Gabriel Senior Member

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    Argentina / Español
    Hacer fotocopias / Sacar fotocopias. Por acá se usan las dos formas indistintamente.
  6. Coolguy003 New Member

    Español, España
    Sí, también se puede utilizar así, pero a mí me suena mejor hacer fotocopias :)
  7. Coolguy003 New Member

    Español, España
    thank you very much!

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