Se o estupro é inevitável, relaxe e goze??

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by the-pessimist, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. the-pessimist Senior Member

    English, United Kingdom
    "Se o estupro é inevitável, relaxe e goze"

    What is the meaning of this proverb?

    Does it imply rape should be fun?!

    Even though it probably represents something else, does no one else find this wrong?!

    I just cannot grasp the concept behind this one, please help.
  2. ronanpoirier

    ronanpoirier Senior Member

    Porto Alegre
    Brazil - Portuguese
    If rape is inevitable, relax and cum... :-/

    well, i think it means something like "if no matter what you do, it won't change anything, just forget it and let things work in their own way..."
    that's what i think...
  3. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil

    This is one saying that gives me the creeps.As Ronan has told you it means you should take advantage of a situation there´s nothing left to do at all. Well, I don´t agree with this saying, probably because of the real situation pictured. Arghhhhhhhh.
  4. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    "Relax and enjoy", I should think.

    It does not imply that rape should be fun, only that one should make the most of bad situations.
  5. SofiaB Senior Member

    English Asia
    tanto faz é feio.
  6. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Hello all:
    I've read that sentence in a New York police's advice, some years ago.
  7. mrcoelho Member

    São Paulo
    Brazil / Portuguese
    Are you serious? Were they telling people to relax during a rape or were they only telling people not to fight against the agressor? The expression in portuguese here in Brazil was never taken that literally...
  8. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Oi mrcoelho:
    Eu li isso num jornal da Argentina, estava traduzido, a gente ficou surpresa, por isso é que eu me lembro muito bem.
    Havia alguns conselhos da policia de Nova Iorque pra gente se defender dum ataque assim.
    Até mais.
  9. fedsweb New Member

    New York City
    Portuguese Brasil
    the usage of that proverb in brazil is really cynical, that is, you're being mean and cynical on purpose, instead of comiserating with somebody that is in trouble, overworked, etc.

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