se prévaloir de services


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From a company profile for an investment consulting company"

En phase de démarrage, d’acquisition, d’expansion, de fusion ou de vente, ou encore en mode placement et/ou investissement, le décideur a tout intérêt à se prévaloir de services susceptibles de l’aider ....

it's the phrase in bold...what's the best way to use that verb in this context?

  • Nessajel

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    Basically, the person in charge needs to find services that will be able to help him/to give him an advantage in those difficult period...

    I can't find a correct translation, but I hope it helped...


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    Note that "se prévaloir" doesn't make sense in this sentence. It roughly means "to boast". Whoever wrote this piece was trying to be stylish and classy, at the expense of meaning.


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    it also means 'claim' but i think you may be right...sometimes the people who write these profiles try to be creative and dramatic, and french can be very verbose as well. Usually i just end up simplifying it, so the first suggestion is probably the one that makes the most sense.


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    I couldn't agree more. This just tripped me up in a practice test for second language proficiency for the Public Service (Canada). Selon la function publique du Canada, "se prévaloir de..." peut exprimer la même sens que "profiter de..."

    Donc, je suis d'avis que WR devrait ajouter cette traduction.

    I note than in the ensuing 9 years, it hasn't yet made it into the WR Dictionary.