"se" preceding a relative clause

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    What difference (if any) would it make to the meaning of the following sentences if se were left out?

    Katsopa ylös: tuolla on (se) mies, josta eilen puhuimme.

    Yrjö sanoi harkitsevan seuraavaksi lomapaikakseen (sitä) saarta, jossa oli lomaillut viisi vuotta sitten.

    Vaikka ryöstäjien sormenjälkiä löytyy istuimilta, tämä ei ole (se) auto, jossa heidän nähtiin pakenevan rikospaikalta.

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    Se/sitä can be omitted and it makes no difference to the meaning in any of your examples. Guardians of the beauty and purity of Finnish would probably suggest some other changes. Some might use an exclamation mark instead of the semi-colon after ylös and capitalize Tuolla.

    Harkitsevan is clearly wrong. It should be harkitsevansa. Jossa could be jolla if the island is small because we often say saarella in such contexts.

    The use of löytyy in your last sentence is frowned upon by many people who would prefer sormenjälkiä on istuimilla. I would also say jolla heidän nähtiin pakenevan as we usually say: He pakenivat paikalta autolla.

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