se procederá a realizar el finiquito total

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    I am translating a contract and cannot find the correct words for the above posted. This is the entire sentence and my translation of it. I´d really appreciate any help...:)

    Una vez acompañados los documentos referidos precedentemente y, en caso que su examen dé un resultado positivo de cumplimiento, se procederá a realizar el finiquito total del presente Contrato en cuanto al pago total de las prestaciones pendientes a la fecha de término del mismo, como también a hacer devolución de las garantías y retenciones en caso que se hubieren solicitado.

    Once all above mentioned documents are handed in and, in case their examination renders a positive result of compliance, one shall proceed to the total settlement of the present Contract in regard to the complete payment of the pending performances as of the date of completion of them, and also return guarantees and withholdings in case they were required.
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    yo no usaría settlement, usaría aquittance, pero, it is jusst and idea

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