se serait constituée (tense)

This is question re tenses. I understand this sentence to be talking about the past, yet "se serait constituée" is future.
Are they putting themselves in the past and talking about how the new town of Farino, when it started, would be made up of settlers from Corsica?

"La commune de Farino se serait constituée avec des pionniers en majorité corses devenus professionnels de la culture du café et qui étaient présents en Nouvelle Calédonie depuis le XIXe siècle. "

Would appreciate your comments
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    Hey F2E.
    Here it is conditional, meaning the fact told cannot be proven/verified.
    ... is supposed to have been founded...
    Along those lines.


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    It's French conditionnel. It is used here to convey the idea of doubt and uncertainty as to the explanation of the first times of the village.

    In ather words, we can suppose the village was built by... Andwith that assumption we shift to an unreal world, which explains the conditionnel.