1. katzuhiko minohara corona Senior Member

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    I want to say in English that something which one think is hiding from the view of everybody else, actually is not, and can be seen by someone else or from the outside. That you are not hiding something correctly. That there is a gap from where somone can sneak peek you. The material which you are using to hide is transparent, see throug.

    In Spanish I use the following expresions.
    1.- Se te ve. (Se te verá algo por todos)
    2.- Queda a la vista. (Quedará algo a la vista de todos)
    3.- Se ve por fuera. (Se verá algo desde afuera)

    Could you tell me how to say these in English?

    My translation tries are:
    One sees your something.
    One can see your something.
    Your something can be seen.
    Your something is exposed to the view.
    Your something is open to view.
    Your something is in full view of.
    Your something is of full display.
    Your something is showing.
    Your something is visible.

    Something would be seen.
    Something can be seen.
    Something is to the view of everybody (anyone).

    Something can be seen from the outside.
    Something is showing to the outside.
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

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    You're letting everything hang out?
  3. Chez Senior Member

    English English
    I'm afraid it depends on context: what is being hidden? An emotion? Something physical? Ones that are most likely are:

    Your xxx can be seen.
    Your xxx is in full view.
    Your xxx is showing.
    Your xxx is visible.

    OR it can be expressed in various other ways
    You can't hide your (sorrow).
    Your heart is on your sleeve (your emotion is showing)
    Your (emotion) shows/is showing

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