Se tengan/que se tenga en cuenta


Use of the passive tense in Spanish:
I am a teacher of Spanish. I gave my class a document to translate, as follows:
"Primero: Se tengan en cuenta las alegaciones presentadas..."
I know the meaning and its translation into English. However, a student asked me if the Spanish could be correctly changed to:
"Primero: Que se TENGA en cuenta las alegaciones presentadas.."
I replied no, and that the verb should be in the plural ("tengan") to agree with "alegaciones".
However, on second thoughts, I thought that the verb could perhaps be put in the singular ("tenga"), to subsitute for: "Que una persona tenga en cuenta..." The meaning would still be the same, but the emphasis put on a person or someone, rather than on "alegaciones".

I would be grateful for some help there.
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