se tuer / se suicider

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  1. karland90 New Member

    Is it normal to use "se tuer" instead of more proper "se suicider"?? It sounds a little weird.
  2. juldup Senior Member

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    "Se suicider" refers to the deliberate action of killing oneself.
    "Se tuer" is more general, it could be deliberate or accidental. It could be figurative too ("Je me tue à te dire que...")
  3. wildan1

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    In English there is usually no difference between to commit suicide and to kill one's self

    He killed himself by taking poison.

    se tuer - accidentally kill one's self
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  4. Wopsy

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    "Il s'est tué en voiture" would mean "He was killed in a car accident".
  5. karland90 New Member

    thanks a lot!
  6. binhle410 Senior Member

    What if it s not an accident ? like in the game Les loups-garous when a villager was killed by a werewolf (of course on the wolf's purpose) can we say ?
    Un villageois s'est tué par le loup-garou.
    Or do we have to use la voix passive ?
    Un villageois a été tué par le loup-garou.
  7. jetset

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    Un villageois a été tué par un loup-garou.:tick:

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