sea la vida a bordo

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    Can anyone tell me what the phrase "sea la vida a bordo" means? I'm not sure if it is some sort of an expression or if it is merely a normal use of the subjunctive. Thank you!
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    Hi and welcome!

    I can't quite understand this phrase.... is it a translation?
  3. DBeecroft New Member

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    Thank you! It is a translation. the entire sentence is long but it might help to give some context.
    "La exposición tiene un marcado carácter didáctico y cada sección tiene un panel que explica el contexto de todo el material expuesto, sea la vida a bordo, el imperio español o la rebelión en los Paises Bajos, que sirvió de detonante para la formación de la Armada, por la ayuda que a los rebeldes prestó la reina Isabel." It is an excerpt from the newspaper "El País" that I am translating for a class. Thank you for any help you can offer!
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    Hmmm, there's subjunctive in english too :)

    [...] every section [...] explains the context of all the exposed material, be it life aboard, the spanish empire, or the netherlands uprising [...]

    not sure though
  5. DBeecroft New Member

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    Makes sense! Thank you!

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