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Croatian, Croatia
I don't know hot to spell in Polish the surname that i can only prounounce... So I'd like someone who speaks polish to write down the right form of that surname... I'll try to write it down in english (phonetic form)

in english it would be pronounced like:

> Maishitzka or Maishitska

in croatian (my mother tongue) it would be spelled like:

> Maišicka or Maišitska

so what would be right version of that surname in polish? is it familiar to polish-speaking members?

thanks in advance.
  • .Jordi.

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    There's is a lot of such sites, here you have one of them. You could write out there Majszycka, listen and tell us whether it is the surname you were looking for.


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    Poland, Polish
    If you say it's not the correct form, the only thing that comes to my mind is to eliminate the "i". Then it would be Maszycka or Maszicka - both of which show some results of Google, meaning that such word exists as a proper name.

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