Seasoned equity offering (SEO)

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    Hi all,

    I would like to find the official Spanish translation for the commonly known Seasoned Equity Offerings (or SEOs). I have also known that this is also called Secondary equity offering... I can find "oferta secundaria"... does this make any sense...

    Here you have a little bit of context in order to make you understand a little bit more:

    Furthermore, after *seasoned equity offerings* (SEO) individual stock returns are poor, and continue to be mediocre for more than a year following the offering (Loughran and Ritter, 1995; Spiess and Affleck-Graves, 1995).

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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    Hi, Idir
    Hace un minutdo encontrá esta definition en Investopedia:
    "An issue of securities from an established company whose existing shares have exhibited stable price movements and substantial trading volume over time, thereby earning a good reputation. This is also known as a "seasoned equity offering" (SEO).
    These types of stocks have high liquidity within the secondary market. "
    Pero no vuelve a mostrar la misma página. Traducción literal: Acciones emitidas por empresas reconocidas. Pero no sé si existe un término especial. Tu contexto parece describir una reacción menos que la esperada por los inversionistas.

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