seat located in the centre of the row

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  1. questin Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    When asking for tickets in a theater, for ejample.
    How would you ask for a "seat located in the centre of the row".
    I got "Proszę o miejsce jak najbliżej środkowej części rzędu", but it seems unnatural (or maybe just too long).
    Any help?
  2. BezierCurve Senior Member

    You can use one of these:

    "Proszę miejsce [gdzieś] pośrodku rzędu." (not extremely polite, but simple and straightforward; you can omit [gdzieś] (somewhere))
    "Czy mogę prosić miejsce pośrodku rzędu?" (more polite)

    You can risk omitting "rzędu", but then you can get a place in a middle row, but not necessary around the centre of that row.
  3. questin Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Thanks, great answer.
  4. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    "Proszę (dać mi) miejsce jak najbliżej środka (środkowej częsci) rzędu." Just another alternative. Sorry, I thought you were asking about the English phrase before. In fact, I like your original suggestion as well -- I don't think it sounds awkward.
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