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I'm a native English speaker but I don't know which one is correct. When listing duties I performed as a restaurant host do I say that I "sat customers" or "seated customers"? I'm sorry if this would be better suited somewhere else. If so, please move it with my apologies.
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    Well, I'd rule out "sat" - even when I'd suggest "sat down" in that case. Then again, that perhaps also drives the point home: you don't "place" customers by "sitting" them, you "seat" them.

    I hope that was helpful.


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    "Sit" is an intransitive verb.

    My father sits at the head of the table.
    We sat on a bench by the door.
    I was sitting here all morning.

    "Seat", on the other hand, is a transitive verb, and has a direct object.

    The waiter seated the customers.
    Please seat yourselves anywhere.


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    Thank you. I'm filling out med school applications, and I don't want to look like an idiot.


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    I don't think you can "sit" customers - except in the same sense as to babysit.
    You put customers into seats - you seated them.
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