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Chile, Español
I am from Chile, and i went to a Goran Bregovic concert recently, and i like a song called "Ringe Ringe Raja".
I want to know if there is any resemblance to the Chilean (as far as i know) expression "Rin Rin Raja". Rin Rin Raja its a childs game that consist on ringing the bell of someone's house and after that, run away.

Thank you in advance.

(Sorry my english, i am not an expert, if someone of you knows the Spanish well i will write the message again in Spanish)

Spanish traduction:

Soy de Chile, y hace poco fui a un concierto de Goran Bregovic, y me quedó gustando una canción llamada "Ringe Ringe Raja."
Me gustaría saber si tiene algo que ver con la expresión chilena (por lo que sé) "rin rin raja". El rin rin raja es un juego para niños que consiste en tocar el timbre de una casa cualquiera y despues partir corriendo para escapar.

Gracias por adelantado
  • "Ringe ringe raja" is a children's game (the melody is same as in English "Ring a Ring o' Roses / A pocket full of posies..."). Children are walking in circle (holding hands) and singing:

    Ringe ringe raja,
    došô čika Paja,
    pa pojeo jaja.
    Jedno jaje muć - a mi, deco, ČUČ!

    Rough translation:
    Ringe ringe raja (which is just a refrain and has no meaning)
    There came uncle Paja (Paul)
    And ate the eggs.
    One egg made crack (or "churn") - and we, children, SQUAT!

    At that point all the children are supposed to squat. It's a game for very young children, but may be funny even for the older ones if you play it in water. Then we usually sing "BUĆ!" (Something between dive, splash and plop.) :)

    PS Just now I realized that in another version there's one more verse: Ringe ringe raja / puna korpa jaja (a basket full of eggs) - and the rest is the same. At first I wrote the version common in the part of the country where I live
    Thank you so much! and sorry for the lateness...

    Its amazing that two different games in two different parts of the world (and with amazingly different languages) has almost the same name

    Bye and luck!