second hand heart

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Yesterday, I learned the words "second hand".
It means "used". Right?
a second hand car, a second hand bookstore... about this?

"Second Hand Heart"

As you know, this is a song title.
What does it mean?
used heart? I cannot understand:confused:
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    You should get us more context to let us decipher its meaning here. Could be jocular.

    //Edit: Typo, it's instead of its. Thanks, SwissPete.
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    This is big help.
    Thank you friends!

    Yes, I mean "Ben Haenow".
    I like him and Kelly clarkson too.

    I kind of got it.
    Broken heart...

    Here is song lyric.
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    All your friends think I'm hopeless, they don't understand
    That this imperfect love can start over again
    It's been broken apart
    Will you still take my second hand heart?
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    Broken? Maybe not. But certainly a heart that has already been owned by someone else (i.e. a previous lover). That's the everyday meaning of second-hand.
    Thank you so much Keith.
    I got it.
    Somebody owned his heart before(somebody loved him before), so it's "used(sencond hand)" heart.


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    Conversationally I think we would normally say "on the rebound".

    He met her on the rebound, after a long and unsatisfactory relationship.

    But poetically "secondhand heart" works for me.

    I think "second hand" and "second-hand" mean the pointer that goes round and round on your watch or clock. "Secondhand" means "used".
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