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From the art of racing in the rain:

"It turned out that Denny was going to take the third stint in the car. The car had been running well, everything going great. They were second in class and Denny would easily assume the lead as the sunlight faded and the night driving began. Until the driver who had the second stint stuffed the car into the wall on turn 6."

I can't find a relevant explanation about stint here online. Does it mean drivers took turns to drive the same car in a race?
Denny went third, but the second driver crashed the car into the wall?
Is "stuff" used in this way often?

Sorry to have so many questions. Thank you
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    The definition of stint that is applicable here is "a period of time spent doing something." So yes, each driver drives a certain period of time, and these are numbered for convenience.

    "Stuffed" is another thread, which we'll happily answer after you open one. :)
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