Secret admirer / 隠れファン

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    A co-worker in japan told me she received some flowers from an unknown customer,(she didin't know who sent them) So I wanted to tell her: 'Maybe you have a secret admirer!'
    Not sure how to say 'secret admirer', This is my try:'多分、あなたは, 隠れファンあるよ!'
    but maybe this is more appropriate:'たぶん、あなたは、秘密の崇拝者を持っている!' (Google translate)
    Or maybe non of them! The relationship is close enough to ask this kind of question and she will not take offense.
    (and no, I´m not the secret admirer!)
  2. halftheprice New Member

    Hello, SebaLatinJapan.

    For starters, I wouldn't suggest using the personal pronoun "あなた"; the Japanese rarely use personal pronouns when addressing their colleagues.
    In modern Japanese the verb ある is only used in reference to inanimate objects and is therefore grammatically incorrect.
    Here are a few suggestions:


    If you want to use the word 崇拝者、I believe that the most natural translation for "secret admirer" would be "ひそかな崇拝者".

    Good luck!
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    Tokyo, Japan
    隠れファン is OK, too, which is colloquial/humorous one.

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