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I'm not sure of the best translation for "secteurs syndicales" in this sentence. "Labor-union sectors" doesn't sound right, because "sector" in English in the context of unions usually refers to the private sector vs. the public sector, and I don't think that this sentence has anything to do with that. Maybe "the union branch of Cap-d'Agade Casino"? "The unionized branches"?

Il y a peu, les secteurs syndicales du casino du Cap-d’Agde, FO et CFDT, ont annoncé, via un communiqué de presse, leur intention de faire grève le vendredi 19 février.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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    Thank you. Yes, I have noticed that the French doc I'm working from is full of errors (I wonder if it was originally translated from another language). So would "unionized sections" work?
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