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Hello! Could you help me, please?

The context:
She secued 10th position in the 10th examinations conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board. She secued 5th rank among girl students.

Secued seems to be a verb in Indian English. I don't know anything about the journey of Indian English language, I can only imagine a few things about... alterations, borrowings... etc.

Is there a verb that can be alike with secued in English? Or do you have a clue about this word?
  • Zareza

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    It is interesting that in both sentences it is used. The text is from Hindustan Times (newspaper).

    I have another context, but it is just a short sentence: I secued a 10 points. written by an Indian girl on Quora. The text is about her degrees in school.

    Probably this is the way of writing secured /sɪˈkjʊəd/ in Indian English.

    Thank you!

    P.S. From now on I have in my vocabulary a new word. I didn't know the meaning of secured as get something, obtain or achieve something, especially when this means using a lot of effort :)