secundaria vs. preparatoria

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  1. silvermoon Senior Member

    Good morning everyone:

    In Mexico we use some terms for education which I would like to translate to American English:

    Primaria = Elementary School
    Secundaria = ? ( my guess is junior highschool)
    Preparatoria = ? (my guess is senior highschool)
    Carrera técnica = ?
    Carrera trunca (when you actually start college but don´t finish) = ?
    Licenciatura = BA or College Degree
    Postgrado (in Mexico a Master 's is no longer the only possibility for postgraduated education) = ?
    Doctorado = Doctor´s Degree

    If anyone could help me out that woud be great. I didn't go to school in the US and that´s why I´m not familiar with the equivalents.

    Thanks a bunch in advance ! :)
  2. jj3118 Senior Member

    New York-Philadelphia
    English y Español (Costa Rica)
  3. silvermoon Senior Member

    Wow! aren´t you super fast jj3118!!

    Thank you very much. I´ll find out carrera trunca and will post it so that we all learn :)

    Once again thank you :)
  4. jj3118 Senior Member

    New York-Philadelphia
    English y Español (Costa Rica)
    Me alegro haber sido de ayuda! A ver si alguien sabe como traducir "carrera trunca".
  5. silvermoon Senior Member

    Muchas gracias. Fíjate que alguien sugirio, en otro thread, "unfinished studies". Yo voy a optar por "unfinished College", así es más específico y de acuerdo a lo que estamos acostumbrados en México.

    Muchísimas gracias, ha sido una gran ayuda :)

    Que tengas un excelente día.
  6. Metzaka

    Metzaka Senior Member

    "Mexican Spanish"
    Tuvé algún día la duda sobre secundaria/preparatoria, por que secondary school es high school, aunque se escucha como secundaria pero se refiere a la preparatoria. ¿Confuso?
  7. silvermoon Senior Member

    Ah, mira, interesante. Muchas gracias por la aclaración. Si, opté por Highschool. para preparatoria y Junior Highschool para secundaria. Mientras los estadounidenses lo entiendan es muy bueno. Gracias :)
  8. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    Si entiendo que así es el sistema de Mexico, pero en Panamá la secundaria es Highschool.
    Nada más quize aclarar para otros lectores,

  9. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA

    "Unfinished studies." or
    Unfinished college si estas en la universidad....
  10. silvermoon Senior Member

    Gracias Mirlo,

    Si en Panama secundaria es highschool, como es preparatoria?

    Solo para continuar con el aprendizaje que nunca está por demás. Gracias :)
  11. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    Mira te cuento que en Panamá solo hay Prekinder, Kinder, Primaria y secundaria
    La secundaria esta dividida en
    Primer ciclo de Secundaria que son los primeros tres años de secundaria y el
    Segundo ciclo de Secundaria que son los últimos dos o tres años :dependiendo en que escogiste
    Barchillerato en Comercio que son dos años o el Barchillerato en Ciencias y Letras que son tres años.

    Saludos, :)
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  12. silvermoon Senior Member

    Ah, ok. Got it. Gracias!
  13. Moyamama Senior Member

    WI, USA
    Some college may be a good translation for Carrera trunca- that is what I've always seen on the forms I have filled out....
  14. Singinswtt11

    Singinswtt11 Senior Member

    Bay Area, California
    English since birth, Spanish shortly thereafter

    In my school district we have a variety of latin cultures and there has always been differing opinions on how to translate high school. I've been told that 'preparatoria' is the best translation when taking into consideration the way the Mexican public school system is structured however, in an effort to look for the middle of the road, I've always opted for 'secundaria' for high school and intermedia for middle school. I'd like your opinions! Thank you!
  15. Monickv76

    Monickv76 Senior Member

    Spanish, Costa Rica
    Hello, I agree with Singinswtt11 as I also work for a school district and there is a tendency for confusion between those two. But when in doubt, I follow what RAE suggests, that way you cannot go wrong!
  16. starredondo Senior Member

    Raleigh, NC
    English USA
    "Some college"

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