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Le varietà (di sedano) più note e diffuse in Italia sono il verde a canna piena, il bianco pieno, il pieno pascal, il dorato di Asti, il bianco di Sperlonga (IGP), il d'Elna verde e il nero di Trevi.

I’m having a hard time working out how to translate sedano a canna piena. I imagined that the canna would be the stalk that you eat, and that this variety has a "full" or "solid" stalk instead of the typical sort of C-shaped one. But the variety I’m looking at (gigante dorato) looks to be the usual shape to me.

Oh. Well now I’ve answered my own question:
Shortly thereafter, the Italians domesticated the plant, resulting in stalks with solid stems. Previously, the stems were hollow. - source
Let the record show etc…
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    Could be: Sedano gigante dorato = Golden Self-Blanching Celery ?
    Golden self-blanching celery is of dwarf compact habit, with thick, solid, heavily ribbed stalks which blanch easily to a clear waxen yellow. When grown in rich moist soil the stalks are numerous, each plant being fully as thick through as the largest of the tall late sorts, and with a very large solid heart of beautiful golden-yellow stalks and leaves. The stalks are crisp and solid, free from stringiness and of most delicious flavor.