Sedoanalgesia con protóxido de nitrógeno.


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Please help me with my translation course homework. I am unable to find the translation from Spanish to English of:
Sedoanalgesia con protóxido de nitrógeno. It is part of a syllabus of a Master of Dentistry in Spain.
This is the Spanish text: UNIDAD DIDACTICA 10: ANESTESIA Y ANALGESIA: Introducción. Conceptos: Anestesia. Analgesia. Sedoanalgesia con protóxido de nitrógeno.

My translation: Sedoanalgesia with Nitrogen Protoxide - When I enter this term on the web no results are found.

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    Sedoanalgesia is not an English term. You need to separate the two words: sedation and analgesia or, at the worst, sedation-analgesia. Nitrous oxide is correct.


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    In this case, sedoanalgesia specifically refers to conscious sedation; conscious sedation with nitrous oxide. You could also refer to inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and maybe even to simply sedation with... In English it just seems unnecessary to specify that a (conscious) sedation implies analgesia as well -or that it is performed so as to elicit analgesia.
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