seduce the darkest hour


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Day fades to night – enter the cool, captivating scene of the NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection – a bold, yet tender palette, dramatic enough to seduce the darkest hour. Eyes shine in amethyst and quartz shadows while intense black liners flecked with rich purple, gold, and green pearl provide intriguing depth. Lips smolder in warm reds and cheeks are softened with a wash of glistening pink.

What does "seduce the darkest hour" mean?

  • entangledbank

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    Honestly, just translate it word for word into Arabic, and it'll make as much sense there as it does here! :) There's no hidden idiom you're missing - it's just weird marketing images. Okay, if you want more, there's an implied 'even'. Even the darkest hour can be seduced by this . . . this whatever-it-is . . . so perhaps it'll seduce even better in daylight?? (Does 'darkest hour' mean, like, "midnight", or does it mean the time when you're saddest, or in most trouble? Who knows what they're thinking!?)
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