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I am writing an informal letter to a friend, in which I I want her to read on (ie, "see below") to find something out. I don’t quite know how to put this in Czech and would appreciate some suggestions. Here is the context:

We have been talking about you a lot. I will tell you why a little further down.

In a formal context, I would say probably say something like “See below”, for which I have found “viz níže”, but I don’t think that would work here.

I have had a couple of attempts, neither of which sound right.

Hodně o vás mluvíme. Řeknu ti proč níže!
Hodně o vás mluvíme. Řeknu ti proč dole!

Thank you for your help
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    Hi artimedoros,

    both your suggestions are possible, but I would use quite a different approach, I would specify when, not where the information is given, ie: a little while later instead of below, "později" or "za chvilku". Also, I would switch word order:
    "Za chvilku ti řeknu/napíšu proč."
    ("Později" works too, but kind of suggests it might take place in a different letter leter on)


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    Some variants without a verb:

    proč - o tom později
    proč - o tom za chvíli
    proč - o tom níže
    proč - o tom dále

    proč - o tom jindy (in another letter)
    proč - o tom příště (in the next letter)

    There may be a problem with the correct punctuation marks. I should use parentheses and the comma after proč, some people use the question mark, etc.

    Hodně o vás mluvíme (proč, o tom později).
    Hodně o vás mluvíme (proč? o tom za chvíli).
    Hodně o vás mluvíme (proč? - o tom níže).
    Hodně o vás mluvíme. Proč, o tom později.
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