1. roseytrebles Senior Member

    United States, English
    Hi everyone,
    I'm wondering how French editors use the word "see" in footnotes--i.e., as a footnote in English would say, "See Genesis 1:7" if there was some reference to Genesis 1:7 in a line or a phrase in a novel. I know I'm supposed to offer my best guess but I'm really not sure--"Voire" or "regarder" just seem wrong here but maybe not...or could it be "faire référence" maybe?
  2. renardor Senior Member

    France, Français
    "voir" is good. (be careful: "voire" means something else)

    there's also the abbreviation "c.f."
  3. joEmon

    joEmon Senior Member

    isle of CORSICA
    Corsu, français (France Sud)
    two manners are used

    * voir -example voir page xx or voir plus haut
    * cf ( from latin confere ) -example cf. p xx

  4. roseytrebles Senior Member

    United States, English
    Oh, whoops...that was a typo. But that's great--thank you both!

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