see in their own


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The term '' tribes '' should not conceal what was undoubtedly a rich and powerful coalition of well - organised groups who saw in their own bid for the leadership of the southern kingdom the chance to resurrect Babylonian leadership in Mesopotamia and beyond.

Hello. Please help me with this word. What it means. Maybe to see like I see that three? I think that is a standart phrase or a idiom. Thanks.
  • The organised groups [subject]

    Saw [verb]

    In their own bid.... [indirect object]

    The chance ... [direct object]

    What it means is that the tribes, who had become organised groups, thought that their own attempt to achieve the leadership of the southern kingdom would give them the opportunity to resurrect the dominance of Babylon over Mesopotamia and wider areas.


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    Thanks a lot. So this word see is in this sense like understand , consider and etc:).


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    saw in = percieved

    they percieved, or thought that their bid for leadership would give them dominance over wider areas.
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