see them for their personality

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  1. Espanol3200 Senior Member

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    I want to say (in Spanish): "I began to see them for their personality." The context is that I worked at a hospital with cancer patients, and I want to say that I didn't see them as "cancer patients" but I just saw them for their personality; for the people that they really were.

    Empecé a verlos por su personalidad (???)

  2. micafe

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    The only thing that comes to mind is "empecé a verlos como personas".

    But of course cancer patients are persons also. Here's an example :p
  3. Adolfo Afogutu

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    "Empecé/comencé a verlos como personas" (en vez de simplemente como pacientes) a mí me parece muy bien, muy natural decirlo así.

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